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In the Valta, a vast enchanted forest assaulted by a dark curse, the local population of nymphs try to make best of what is left of their lost civilization. The dark warlord Isinger uses his mastery of magic to seduce powerful nymph sorcerers and enthrall them. On a quest for his own dark master, Isinger tasks Fellkra, his strongest shadow nymph, to track down a stray nymph that happens to survive his onslaught. Fellkra finds herself pitted against Nîve, a poisoned river nymph, who should be the easiest of prey. Fate, however, takes its own course as Fellkra’s sword betrays her in favor of Nîve’s clutching fingers.
Did that happen by accident or has a larger play begun?

Shadow Nymphs is an action packed, high fantasy, psychological, thrill ride. A novel that takes its reader across a vast exotic and surreal landscape as has never been imagined. It follows Nîve through the realms of tree nymphs, drift lakes and the ever high peaks of the Wreath, hoping to find salvation in the lost fortress of Light’s fall. Can hope really to be found or should one search for it within one’s heart?

Garvin Pouw is a dutch fantasy author who has been sprouting out manuscripts for two decades. His debut Schaduwkoningin (The dutch version of Shadow Nymphs (2017)) quickly became an award-winning novel and paved the way for eight published titles thus far. Shadow Nymphs is his first novel to receive international treatment.

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