The Apples of Milors


Een “Godijntje”, mini-roman, in het handige zakformaat: 11,7 x 16,8.



Embark on a breathtaking adventure through the realm of Flameheath in “The Apples of Milors,” the poignant story of Anath Milor, a fearless warrior determined to rise above his family’s violent legacy. As a respected and admired fighter, Anath inspires knights and commoners alike, all while seeking to distance himself from his cruel father’s tainted reputation.

Despite his noble intentions, Anath finds that the Milor name is synonymous with darkness, and the very realm he’s sworn to protect now stands against him. As the weight of his ancestry bears down upon him, As he confronts the demons of his family, Anath must decide whether to follow the path of loyalty to his last name or succumb to the allure of love and the unknown

In this spellbinding tale of sacrifice, redemption, and the struggle to define one’s destiny, witness Anath Milor’s fight for his soul and the future as a Milor. Will he emerge victorious, or will the shadows of the Milor legacy consume him? Prepare to be enthralled by this saga that will hold you captive until the final, heart-stopping page.

Auteur: Ralph Bunschoten

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Ralph Bunschoten



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